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14 Inspirational Tech Resolutions for 2024 to Enhance Your Life

Enhance Your Life in 2024 with These Useful Tips

Ditch the Traditional New Year’s Resolutions: Embrace Tech Resolutions for 2024!

For those reluctant to commit to conventional New Year’s resolutions, we suggest embracing tech resolutions this year. These user-friendly commitments don’t revolve around self-improvement, giving up pleasures, or hitting the gym. Instead, they involve small tech projects to strengthen your defenses against the January blues. The best part? All these resolutions are tech-related.

We surveyed the TechRadar team and our numerous contributors to discover the tech resolutions they’ll be making for 2024, and the results are outlined below. The ideas span a wide range, from a detailed plan to rekindle interest in Blu-rays to a writer’s pledge to restore their family’s old photos using Photoshop.

While some commendable commitments include rediscovering comics on tablets or becoming a board games enthusiast, there are also more practical resolutions. These include one writer’s strategy to finally tackle their password nightmare and another’s plan to save money in 2024 with clever Chrome extensions.

Whether your tech life needs a bit of attention or a fresh dose of New Year’s enthusiasm, you’ll find valuable advice and ideas below. And if things go awry, you can always blame the gadgets.

1. 2024 is the year I feed my OLED TV with 4K Blu-rays, and you should too

While the top streaming services boast convenience, user-friendly interfaces, and impressive image quality, they aren’t without significant drawbacks. It’s not just about movies disappearing from catalogs or downloads vanishing from accounts.

Discover why TechRadar’s Matt Bolton, Managing Editor of Entertainment, has opted to reintroduce 4K Blu-Rays into his life in 2024. Explore the reasons behind his decision and why you might want to follow suit, especially considering the ease of finding second-hand bargains.

2. I’ve had enough of password frustrations – here’s how I’m finally fixing them in 2024

Passwords have become more of a nuisance than ever – downright infuriating if not kept under control.

TechRadar contributor Darren Allen has reached his breaking point and devised a comprehensive plan to rein them in for 2024. Benefit from his insights and research in this roundup, encompassing everything from his top choices for password managers to his strategy for embracing biometrics.

3. I’m a Photoshop pro – here’s how to restore your old family photos in 2024

In the era of generative AI, photo editing software has reached incredible heights, making it remarkably easy to restore old photos that may be low-resolution, damaged, or lacking in color.

TechRadar contributor Chris Rowlands provides a step-by-step guide on how to restore those old family photos. The guide covers everything from scanning them with your phone to retouching blemishes. If you don’t have a Photoshop subscription, there are also tips on achieving this for free using online tools.

4. Escaping the algorithm – 5 new ways I’m planning to discover movies and music this year

Sometimes it feels like you’re trapped in a feedback loop of the same movie, TV and music recommendations, all unimaginatively served up by an apparently all-knowing algorithm. How do you break free and go off piste?

TechRadar contributor David Nield has been wondering the same thing and has made this plan to discover the untrodden streaming worlds that Netflix and Spotify tend to ignore. Read about the podcasts, newsletters, subreddits, iPad magazines and more that could help you join him in 2024.

5. How to start using ChatGPT in 2024 – 7 tips for beginners

The internet often emphasizes the significance of using ChatGPT, and if you’ve been occupied with other activities in 2023, you might feel a bit behind. But don’t worry! If your New Year’s resolution is to catch up with AI chatbots, we’ve created the ideal starting point for you. Our beginner’s guide to ChatGPT will help you learn how to craft more effective prompts, provide custom instructions, and much more.

6. I’m ditching Spotify for Tidal in 2024 – here’s why you should too

TechRadar contributor and former What Hi Fi? staffer, Verity Burns, has been a dedicated Spotify subscriber for nearly 15 years. So, why is her tech resolution to switch to Tidal in 2024?

Like any long-term relationship, it’s complicated – but you can discover why Tidal has become so appealing to music fans and why it might make sense for you to make the switch in this informative breakdown of music streaming in 2024.

7. In 2024 I’m using my cheap tablet to rediscover my love of comic books

After an eight-year hiatus from his X-Men and Spider-Man addiction, TechRadar’s Senior Staff Writer Hamish Hector is rekindling his long-standing passion for comics in 2024 – with the assistance of an affordable, reliable Lenovo tablet.

Discover how Marvel Unlimited is set to satisfy his comic book cravings in 2024 and learn why the broader lesson from his project is that tech doesn’t have to be perfect, just perfect for you.

8. Why it’s a great time to buy second-hand camera lenses – plus our top picks

It’s tempting to believe that only a new and exorbitantly priced mirrorless lens can elevate your photography to new levels. However, in today’s market, second-hand lenses present incredible value – and this guide helps you navigate the landscape to secure some fantastic deals.

Whether you lean towards wide-angle, telephoto, or zoom lenses, our comprehensive guide walks you through the optimal sources for purchasing used lenses, the crucial factors to inspect, and which lenses currently provide exceptional value for Canon, Nikon, and Sony enthusiasts.

9. I’m finally going to use these Chrome extensions to save me money in 2024

The upcoming year appears to be another financially challenging one for many of us. Instead of despondently contemplating escalating bills, TechRadar contributor Darren Allen has resolved to discover ways to reclaim some funds – and one of those strategies involves leveraging the capabilities of Chrome extensions.

While they may not make you a millionaire, the plethora of shopping assistants, voucher finders, and price-watching tools currently accessible can undoubtedly assist you in achieving substantial savings. This guide compiles some of the top Chrome extensions designed for precisely that purpose.

10. 5 ways I’ll be using my Apple Watch to run my life in 2024 

The Apple Watch is primarily recognized for its fitness tracking capabilities, but did you know about its impressive array of other life-enhancing skills?

TechRadar contributor and Apple expert Lloyd Coombes is well aware, and he has detailed the features he’ll be utilizing to maintain good habits and keep his life running smoothly in 2024. If you received an Apple Watch for Christmas, this serves as an excellent introduction to some of the smartwatch’s lesser-known talents.

11. I’m a huge board games fan – here are the 7 best ones to help you survive January

In our view, a New Year’s resolution can be as straightforward as finding a way to navigate through the challenging realities of January – and few methods are better suited for that than embracing some fantastic board games.

Some might label it as denial, while others see it as a completely justified reaction to the least enjoyable month of the year – and TechRadar’s Hamish Hector (our dedicated board game enthusiast) firmly falls into the latter category. Join him as he guides you on an uplifting journey through the best board games currently available.

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