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Christian Oliver’s wife shares her feelings after the tragic loss of her ‘beloved’ husband and two daughters in a plane crash.

Cobra 11 celebrity Christian Oliver and his two daughters lost their lives in a plane crash on January 4. Jessica Klepser, Christian’s wife, has shared her feelings about the tragic loss of her “beloved” family members in a heartfelt statement on Instagram. The emotional post, posted on January 5, recounts the devastating accident that claimed the lives of her husband and two daughters, Madita (12) and Annik (10), as they were returning from a vacation in the Caribbean. The statement, shared via Wundabar Pilates’ Instagram page, expresses deep sorrow over the incident, revealing the unfortunate circumstances of the plane crash.

“Madita, a vibrant 7th-grade student at Louis Armstrong Middle School, was known for her lively spirit and excelled in academics, dance, singing, and performances,” the statement adds.

“Annik, a 4th-grade student at Wonderland Ave Elementary School, was recognized for her gentle yet strong demeanor. She was always the first to offer a kind word or a comforting hug. Her passions included basketball, swimming, and various forms of art.”

The statement also pays tribute to Madita, Annik, and Christian, emphasizing the impact they had on their communities before their tragic demise, stating, “The deep bond, infectious laughter, and adventurous spirit shared by Madita and Annik will be profoundly missed in their communities.”

“Their devoted mother, Jessica Klepser in LA, survives the girls. They also leave behind their grandparents, several aunts, uncles, and cousins in Germany.”

“Christian, an actor in Europe and the US, and a real estate agent with a broad network of close friends worldwide, is survived by Jessica, his parents and sister in Germany. His loss will be deeply felt by all who knew him,” the statement adds.

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