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Did Shoaib engage in infidelity during his marriage to Sania?

Indian tennis icon Sania Mirza has garnered widespread support from the people of Pakistan following the revelation by her ex-husband, Shoaib Malik, about his recent marriage to TV actor and model Sana Javed. Social media has been filled with criticism directed at Malik and Sana for the dissolution of their respective marriages, with many standing by Sania’s decision to pursue a divorce from the Pakistani cricketer.

Adding to the controversy, a podcast on the news channel Samaa TV alleged that Malik and Sana had been involved in an affair with intimate relations for the past three years despite being married. The podcast further claimed that Sana had divorced her former husband, Umair Jaswal, just three months before tying the knot with Malik. Notably, Malik insisted on Sana’s inclusion whenever he was invited to appear on shows on the channel, according to the podcast.

“Their involvement spanned three years, and they were intimately connected,” revealed a producer of the podcast. “Umair was unaware of this, but Sania Mirza, her family, and even Malik’s family became aware of it last year. Attempts were made to resolve the situation, but Malik did not heed anyone’s advice,” the producer added.

Malik and Sania had a grand wedding ceremony in 2010 in Hyderabad, India, while Sana and Jaswal got married in a private ceremony in 2020. The revelation of Malik and Sania’s separation came to light only after the former cricketer and Sana shared a photograph from their wedding.

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