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Dry Day 2023 Hindi Movie Cast, Download Link, Review & News


Dry Day 2023 Hindi Movie Cast, Download Link, Review & News

Dry Day 2023 Movie Overview

Overview of “Dry Day” (2023)

Title: Dry Day

Release Date: 22 December 2023

Language: Hindi (Dubbed In Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada)

Genre: Drama

Duration: 2 hours 8 minutes


  • Shriya Pilgaonkar
  • Jitendra Kumar
  • Shrikant Verma
  • Annu Kapoor
  • Jagdish Rajpurohit
  • Sunil Palwal
  • Akash Mahamana
  • Azhar Khan
  • Sakshi Malik
  • Pallavi Ajaymore

Director: Saurabh Shukla

Writer: Saurabh Shukla


  • Monisha Advani
  • Nikkhil Advani
  • Madhu Bhojwani

Production: Emmay Entertainment

Certificate: 18+

About “Dry Day” Movie (2023):
“Dry Day” revolves around Jagodhar, a small town in Madhya Pradesh notorious for rampant alcoholism among its male residents. The story follows Jagodhar’s MLA, Dauji, who owns liquor outlets selling cheap tharra and foreign liquor. The plot centers on Dauji’s henchman Gannu, known for his drinking habits, and his journey as he unwittingly becomes a part of a movement to ban alcohol in the town.

The film, directed and written by Saurabh Shukla, begins as a social satire and explores themes of alcoholism, politics, and societal change. Gannu’s casual declaration against liquor takes an unexpected turn, leading to unforeseen consequences and a shift in the dynamics of Jagodhar.

“Dry Day” presents a comedic take on the social issues prevalent in the town, offering a satirical commentary on the consequences of unexpected movements and societal transformations.

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Dry Day Movie Review 2023

“Dry Day” (2023) – Movie Review

“Dry Day,” directed by Saurabh Shukla, unfolds its narrative in the small town of Jagodhar, Madhya Pradesh, known for its pervasive issue of alcoholism among the male population. The film explores the consequences of an unexpected movement initiated by Gannu, a character played by Jitendra Kumar, who unwittingly becomes part of a campaign to ban alcohol in the town.

The story is anchored around Dauji (Annu Kapoor), the town’s MLA and owner of liquor outlets. Gannu, his henchman, known for his drinking habits, takes an unexpected turn when he promises to give up alcohol. The narrative takes a satirical and comedic approach, blending elements of social commentary with political undertones.

The film’s plot, while starting as a social satire, tends to lose steam in the latter part, transitioning into melodrama. Gannu’s character, despite his proclaimed alcohol deprivation, lacks the expected symptoms, detracting from the authenticity of the narrative.

Jitendra Kumar, known for his roles in OTT shows like “Kota Factory” and “Panchayat,” successfully portrays a scruffy vagabond, dominating scenes with his presence. The film benefits from a well-cast ensemble, including lesser-known actors who contribute to the overall authenticity.

“Dry Day” manages to avoid sanctimonious preaching, presenting societal issues with a sense of purpose and authenticity. The film’s initial satirical tone provides a fresh perspective on the consequences of unexpected movements in a small town grappling with alcoholism.

While the film may not sustain its satirical momentum throughout, it offers moments of humor and a unique take on societal transformation. “Dry Day” is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, providing audiences with a blend of comedy, drama, and social commentary.

Dry Day 2023 Movie Trailer 

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