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During Ayodhya Visit, PM Modi Launches 2 New Amrit Bharat and 6 Vande Bharat Express Trains; Explore Routes and Other Details

Vande Bharat and Amrit Bharat Express Flagged Off by PM Modi: On December 30, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a total of eight new trains. Among them, two are Amrit Bharat Express trains, and the remaining six are Vande Bharat Express train services. The inauguration took place at the newly redeveloped Ayodhya Dham station. While the Darbhanga-Delhi Amrit Bharat and Ayodhya-Anand Vihar Vande Bharat trains were flagged off from Ayodhya railway station, others were inaugurated via video link simultaneously.

The Amrit Bharat Express is a newly introduced train by Indian Railways designed for the comfort of the common man. This non-AC train features second-class unreserved coaches and sleeper coaches. With a 6,000 HP WAP5 locomotive at each end, the Amrit Bharat Express has a speed potential of 130 kmph and operates on the push-pull technology.

In contrast, the Vande Bharat Express, already operating on various routes across the country, is an all air-conditioned chair car train. Unlike the Amrit Bharat Express, Vande Bharat is a self-propelled train set with a speed potential of 160 kmph.

Here are the routes of the eight new trains flagged off by PM Modi:

Amrit Bharat Express Routes:

  1. Darbhanga to Anand Vihar Terminal in Delhi via Ayodhya Amrit Bharat Express.
  2. Malda Town to Bengaluru (Sir M. Visvesvaraya Terminal) Amrit Bharat Express.

Vande Bharat Express New Routes:

  1. Sri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra – New Delhi Vande Bharat Express.
  2. Amritsar – Delhi Junction Vande Bharat Express.
  3. Coimbatore – Bengaluru Vande Bharat Express.
  4. Jalna – Mumbai (CSMT) Vande Bharat Express.
  5. Ayodhya – Anand Vihar Terminal Delhi Vande Bharat Express.
  6. Mangaluru – Madgaon Goa Vande Bharat Express.

Both Vande Bharat and Amrit Bharat Express trains aim to offer passengers more comfortable and faster travel options compared to other trains on existing routes.

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