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Fire Of Love: Red 2023 Movie Cast, Download Link, Release Date & Review


Fire Of Love: Red 2023 Bollywood Movie Overview 

“Fire Of Love: Red” is a romantic thriller film directed and written by Ashok Tyagi. The movie is produced by Rajeev Chaudhari, Rekha Surendra Jagtap, and Jagannath Waghmare. The cast includes Bharat Dabholkar, Krishna Abhishek, Shantanu Bhamare, Payal Ghosh, Kamlesh Sawant, Arun Bakshi, Shashi Sarma, and more.


The storyline of “Fire Of Love: Red” revolves around Rajveer, a renowned novelist who becomes entangled in the complexities of his own creation. As a popular writer, Rajveer finds himself losing the boundaries between reality and fiction. The narrative unfolds as he struggles to distinguish between the world he has created in his novels and the actual events happening around him. This romantic thriller delves into the consequences of blurring the lines between imagination and reality.

Release Date:

“Fire Of Love: Red” was released in theaters on December 15, 2023.

Fire Of Love: Red 2023 Movie Review

Film producer Rajeev Chaudhari, known for his work on ‘Beiimaan Love’ starring Sunny Leone, has taken a different approach in promoting his latest film ‘Fire of Love Red’. Contrary to the industry norm of keeping films under wraps until closer to the release date, Chaudhari arranged several trial screenings even before the release date was finalized. When asked about this unusual move, Chaudhari expressed immense confidence in the film, stating that if one believes in their product, there’s no hesitation in showing it to friends in the trade.

A private screening of ‘Fire of Love Red,’ produced by Avanti Prajakta Arts, was recently held, and veteran filmmakers Rahul Rawail and Pankaj Parashar praised the film as a brilliant and gripping thriller in the style of James Hadley. Others who attended the screening also had high praise for the movie.

Rajeev Chaudhari, along with partners Jagannath Waghmare and Rekha Surendra Jagtap, expressed their appreciation for the project, emphasizing their belief in ‘Fire of Love Red’ and their dedication to completing it against all odds. Chaudhari expressed pride in the film, calling it a sure-shot winner based on the positive reactions from the trial show audience.

‘Fire of Love Red’ stars Krushna Abhishek in a serious and intense role, unlike his usual comedic performances. Payal Ghosh is cast opposite him, with a supporting ensemble that includes Kanchan Bhor, Abhijeet Shwetchandra, Bharat Dhabolkar, Kamlesh Sawant, Mukesh Tyagi, Amol Bawdankar, Shantanu Bhamare, and more.

The film’s music and trailers are already available on Zee music channel, and it is currently in the process of obtaining a UA censor certificate for its anticipated release in 2023.

Fire Of Love: Red 2023  Movie Trailer 

Fire Of Love: Red 2023 Movie Download 

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