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Georgia Andriani Clarifies: Malaika Arora Was Not the Cause of Our Separation with Arbaaz Khan

Georgia Andriani clarified that Malaika Arora was not the reason for her and Arbaaz Khan parting ways. In an interview, she stated, “It is not right to blame anyone for our separation, not even Malaika.” She emphasized that their separation was due to personal reasons and was a mutual decision. Andriani expressed her respect for Malaika Arora and clarified that they share a cordial relationship. The statement aimed to dispel any misconceptions about the dynamics between Andriani and Arora in the context of Arbaaz Khan.

Model Giorgia Andriani, in a recent interview with Hindustan Times, discussed her breakup with film producer and actor Arbaaz Khan. She stated that the decision to part ways was mutual, emphasizing differences in their future plans and general life perspectives. Contrary to rumors, Andriani clarified that Arbaaz Khan’s ex-wife, Malaika Arora, played no role in their separation, stating, “There was no interference from her side, ever. She was not the reason behind us parting ways.”

Andriani emphasized the importance of shared interests in a relationship, noting that they lacked common interests, which contributed to the breakup. She mentioned her spontaneous nature and love for impromptu travel, contrasting it with Arbaaz’s preference for watching movies and documentaries.

Despite the breakup, Andriani highlighted that there is no bitterness between her and Arbaaz. They still share jokes, and she maintains a fondness for him. Arbaaz Khan, known for his work in the Dabangg film series, is both an actor and a film producer. Their relationship remains amicable even after the separation.

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