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Hubba (2024) Bengali Movie Download 480p 720p 1080p Cast & Review

Hubba (2024) Bengali Movie Overview

Movie Details:

  • Title: Hubba (2024)
  • Language: Bengali
  • Genre: Comedy, Thriller
  • Release Date: 19 January
  • Duration: 2 hours and 14 minutes
  • Quality: HDRip


  1. Mosharraf Karim
  2. Indraneil Sengupta
  3. Loknath Dey
  4. Tanisa Islam Mahi
  5. Sajjadul Ahmed Riyadh

“Hubba,” a Bengali movie scheduled for release on 19th January 2024, is a comedy-thriller based on the life of Hubba Shyamal Das. Known as the ‘Dawood Ibrahim of Hooghly,’ Hubba Shyamal Das was a notorious gangster involved in over 30 cases, including murder, extortion, and drug smuggling.

The movie promises an intriguing narrative, exploring the life and criminal escapades of Hubba Shyamal Das. Shahenshar Taj from Local Mastan and Hubba Raj are set to captivate the audience with their thrilling stories.


  • Music: Prabuddha Banerjee
  • DOP (Director of Photography): Soumik Haldar (ISC)
  • Editor: Sanglap Bhowmik
  • Costume: Sabarni Das
  • Art: Partha Majumdar
  • Sound Design: Adeep Singh Manki & Anindit Roy
  • Post Production: Edit FX
  • Colorist: Debojyoti Ghosh
  • VFX: Kuntal Ghosh Dastidar
  • Post Production Head: Abhra Dasgupta
  • Operational Head: Saptarshi Majumdar
  • Promo Editor: Dipayan Roy
  • Advertising Design: Grinning Tree
  • PR & Social Media: Lopamudra Ganguly, Sudipan Chakraborty
  • Producer: Friends Communication
  • Writer & Director: Bratya Basu

The movie is presented by Firdausul Hasan and Probable Halder, showcasing the collaborative efforts of a talented team in bringing the intriguing story of Hubba Shyamal Das to the big screen. #HubbaAsThe #10Years_of_Friends_Communication. Hubba is coming soon with Mosharraf Karim and Indranyl Sengupta in leading roles.

Hubba (2024) Bengali Movie Trailer

Hubba (2024) Bengali Movie Review

Hubba Movie Review: Mosharraf Karim Shines in Gripping Gangster Drama

  • Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

In “Hubba,” director Bratya Basu delves into the notorious world of Hubba Shyamal Das, often referred to as the Dawood Ibrahim of Hoogly. The narrative adapts the life of Bimal (played by Mosharraf Karim), a character inspired by Shyamal Das, tracing his journey from formative years to the creation of a formidable crime gang deeply entrenched in local politics and law enforcement.

Mosharraf Karim, known for his role in Bratya Basu’s “Dictionary,” undergoes a remarkable transformation as Hubba Bimal. His portrayal captures the essence of a crime boss, depicting both his charisma and ruthlessness. Karim’s nuanced performance adds depth to the character, making it a captivating watch. Indraneil Sengupta, portraying Divakar Sen, the relentless cop chasing Hubba Bimal, provides a compelling contrast, creating tension through both appearance and dialogue. Loknath Dey, as Bapi, contributes significantly to balancing the film’s intensity.

The film navigates Bimal’s criminal journey, spanning from 1975 to 2005, showcasing his rise to power and influence. The screenplay effectively balances the portrayal of heinous crimes with moments that evoke sympathy for the character. The contrast between Bimal and Divakar adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, creating a dynamic interplay on screen.

Visuals and Setting:
While the film’s timeline spans several decades, certain sequences lack consistency in capturing the early-2000s setting. Despite this, the brisk pace of the screenplay, judicious use of music (including the song “Mungda” for a retro feel), and Soumik Halder’s cinematography contribute to an engaging cinematic experience. The film doesn’t shy away from depicting violence, essential to portraying the ruthlessness of the criminal world.

“Hubba” emerges as an interesting watch, propelled by Mosharraf Karim’s stellar performance and a gripping storyline that explores the complexities of a crime boss’s life. The film successfully blends elements of drama, crime, and thriller, making it a compelling addition to the gangster genre. Despite minor inconsistencies in settings, the overall impact of the movie remains engaging, offering viewers an immersive experience into the dark and intriguing world of Hubba Bimal.


Download Hubba (2024) Bengali Movie

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