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Little Miss Rawther 2023 Malayalam Movie Cast, Download Link & Review


The movie “Little Miss Rawther” is directed by Vishnu Devan. Gauri Kishan plays the lead role, supported by other actors such as Shersha Sherif, Jishnu Sreekumar, Nikitha Teresa Mathew, Sangith Prathap, Nandini Gopalakrishnan, Rancith Velaiyathan, and Manoj K. U. A girl and an unseen man are the central characters in the film. The movie revolves around a small girl and an invisible man and their love story. The film features excellent music, and if you’re interested in watching or downloading it, you can find the link for it. If you want to read a review of the movie, you can check the link provided.

Aspect Details
Title Little Miss Rawther
Genre Musical Romantic Drama
Director Vishnu Dev
Producers Srujan Yarabolu, Sadhik Sheikh
Co-producers Suthin Sugathan, Naveen
Banner S Originals
Screenplay Shersha Sherief
Cinematography Luke Jose
Music Director Govind Vasantha
Language Malayalam
Release Date October 13, 2023
Filming Locations Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi
Storyline A musical romantic drama depicting the love story between an unseen girl and a visible man.
Download Link Not provided; check for availability.
Review Link Search for reviews online to get feedback from viewers.

Movie Trailer

Little Miss Rawther 2023 Movie Review 

The signature background scores by Govind Vasantha in “Little Miss Rawther” aim to bring a soulful melancholy, elevating emotional moments within the movie. However, despite Govind’s efforts to enhance the emotional aspects and the quirky editing by Sangeeth, the film falls short of delivering a coherent romantic drama. The attempt to infuse discrete moments of dialogue humor provides some relief but doesn’t rescue the movie from its lack of substance.

The narrative revolves around Abhijith Chadradas, an aspiring filmmaker stuck in life after a failed relationship with Naina Rawther during college. The film unfolds events when Naina, confused on the night before her wedding, contacts Abhijith.

Director Vishnu Dev attempts a quirky style in the movie, incorporating Alphonse Puthren-style editing experiments. The first half focuses on establishing the relationship dynamic through random events from the past. However, the film takes an unexpected turn when the protagonist enters a stoned state, resembling more of a stoner comedy for a significant portion.

The emphasis on making the stoner comedy work diminishes the impact of empathizing with the protagonist as a victim of a challenging childhood. In the climax, the attempt to garner sympathy for the character falls short, and the audience may perceive him as an annoying manchild. The lack of depth in understanding the character’s volatile behavior is evident at both the writing and filmmaking levels. Despite Govind Vasantha’s music trying to infuse depth, it struggles to salvage the shallow drama.

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