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Malaika Arora Expresses Disbelief Over Misconceptions About Alimony Following Divorce from Arbaaz Khan

Malaika Arora Reflects on Divorce from Arbaaz Khan: A Story of Personal Growth

Malaika Arora, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry known for her dancing prowess and impeccable style, recently delved into her divorce from Arbaaz Khan. In an interview with Pinkvilla, she candidly shared her experience of facing ridicule and scrutiny following her decision to end her marriage.

Recalling her choice to divorce, Malaika expressed, “When I decided to get divorced, I don’t think there were too many women in the industry getting divorced and moving on. I felt, for me, for my personal growth, my choice, I had to feel okay within if I had to make my kid happy and make my kid flourish in his space. So, that’s what I did.” She emphasized the importance of finding inner peace to nurture her son’s well-being and happiness.

Despite societal stigma surrounding divorce, Malaika prioritized her own happiness. She shared, “I had to feel settled and happy to make anyone around me happy. It starts with me.” Recalling a particularly hurtful incident, she mentioned being “ridiculed and questioned” by the media.

She recounted an instance where an article insinuated that she could afford expensive items due to receiving a “fat alimony” following her divorce. Malaika expressed shock and dismay, emphasizing that one’s worth should not be judged based on financial status.

Reflecting on her decision to marry at a young age, Malaika revealed, “Not that I have grown up in a background where I was told ‘oh you have to get married at this age’. I was told to live my life, go out enjoy, meet more people, and have more relationships, I was told all of that. Yet, I don’t know what got into my head, I said by 22-23 I want to get married.” She acknowledged that while no one pressured her, it felt like the right choice at the time.

Malaika’s journey serves as a testament to the importance of prioritizing personal well-being and authenticity, even in the face of societal expectations and judgment.

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