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Mirg (2024) Hindi Movie Download 720p 1080p HD Cast & Review

Mirg (2024) Hindi Movie Overview

Title: Mirg: A Thriller Drama Set in the Jungles of Himachal Pradesh

Mirg, a mountain leopard found in the lower regions of Himachal Pradesh, serves as the focal point of numerous myths and stories, setting it apart from a regular leopard. The film delves into the journey of Anil, an intelligent yet constrained individual who adheres strictly to orders. However, his perception undergoes a transformative shift after an incident involving his coworker, Ravi. Questions arise regarding blind obedience, the lack of revolt against mistreatment, and the true extent of power held by potent individuals. Set against the backdrop of the Himachal jungles, Mirg unfolds as a coming-of-age revenge drama, exploring themes of realization and the thin line separating hunter from hunted.

Cast: Satish Kaushik, Anup Soni, Shwetaabh Singh, Raj Babbar
Director: Tarun Sharma
Producers: Rishi Anand, Shwetaabh Singh, Tarun Sharma
Cinematographer: Rahul Deep
Editor: Sriram Raja
Sound: Bigyna Bhushan Dahal
Music: Anshul Takkar
Post Production: Red Chillies Color
Distribution: Studio RA Distribution & Platoon One Films
PR Consultant: ITAIDOSHIN Media
Social Media: Studio Mutiny
Casting: Ashhar Haque
Executive Producers: Ajitabh Singh, Ved Prakash
Posters: Devaprashanth Karunakaran, Nithin Balakrishnan
Production Companies: Studio RA, NaMA Productions, OneShot Films

Mirg, written and directed by Tarun Sharma, and produced by Shwetaabh Singh, Rishi Anand, and Tarun Sharma, features Raj Babbar, Satish Kaushik, Anup Soni, and Shwetaabh Singh in pivotal roles. The film revolves around Anil, who defies the system and local goons of the city, leading to a thrilling drama filled with tension and suspense.

Release Date:
Mirg is set to release on February 9, 2024, in theaters near you.

Mirg (2024) Hindi Movie Trailer

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