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Rhea Ripley Reaches Out: Sends Message of Support to Buddy Matthews’ Best Friend

Rhea Ripley is currently in Perth, Western Australia, preparing to defend her WWE Women’s World Championship against Nia Jax at Elimination Chamber.

While in her home country, Ripley was spotted hanging out with Adam “Brooksy” Brooks, a wrestler in the Australian independent circuit. Brooks, who was trained by AEW star Buddy Matthews, is also a close friend of Ripley’s fiancé.

Ripley shared a photo of their hangout on her Instagram story, captioning it, “Bloody Brooksy… Literally,” followed by, “Always here to help a mate out.” The image was also posted by Adam Brooks, Indi Hartwell, and Ripley herself on Instagram.

Rhea Ripley’s presence has injected energy into the live crowd in Perth, who are enthusiastic supporters of the wrestler. Her recent jab at Logan Paul has been circulating online, and fans of the WWE Universe have seized the opportunity to criticize The Maverick’s Prime drink.

Ahead of WWE Elimination Chamber, Ripley discussed her thoughts on Becky Lynch. Lynch is a crowd favorite as she competes in the women’s Elimination Chamber match to determine the new number-one contender to the Women’s World Championship at WrestleMania XL.

During WWE’s The Bump on Wednesday, Ripley sent a final message to Lynch. Their impending clash has garnered significant anticipation in recent weeks, with many expecting a showdown between Ripley and another member of the Four Horsewomen for the second consecutive year.

“Becky talks a big game,” Ripley remarked. “She’s very articulate and skilled on the microphone. But defeating Mami is no easy feat. It’s a considerable challenge. You can continue to interrupt me and boast, but when the bell rings, I transform into a different Rhea Ripley. I won’t be pleasant anymore. I won’t entertain your chatter. I’ll be ready to tear your bloody head off, so keep talking as long as you can back it up.”

Their initial promo took place in January, during which Lynch asserted that it had reached a juncture where she must reaffirm her status as the best in the business. To achieve this, The Man must defeat Mami. Lynch has unmistakably made the Women’s World Title the focal point of their rivalry, emphasizing it as the primary conflict between the two wrestlers.

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