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shura khan (arbaaz wife) makeup artist biography


shura khan (arbaaz wife) makeup artist biography


shura khan makeup artist biography, age, career, height, unseen images, husband, net-worth & more

Shura Khan, originally named Zara Khan, is a versatile British artist of Pakistani descent, excelling as a makeup artist, actress, and singer.

Renowned for her Bollywood contributions, she gained recognition for her songs “Kusu Kusu” from the movie Satyameva Jayate 2 (2021) and “The Punjaabban Song” from Jugjugg Jeeyo (2022).

Age: She was born in 1994 in London, United Kingdom.

Education: Shura, also known as Zara Khan, pursued her early education at Jankidevi Public School in Mumbai and the Dubai American Scientific School in the UAE.

Inspired by her mother, she delved into Hindustani classical music and discovered her passion for acting at the age of 16. Embarking on acting auditions after formal training, she set out on her artistic journey.

Parents and Siblings: Growing up in Mumbai, New Jersey, Canada, and Dubai, Shura is the daughter of the acclaimed British singer and actress Salma Agha, recipient of the Filmfare Best Female Playback Award in 1982.

Her family lineage includes notable figures like Pashtun musician Rafiq Ghaznavi and Anwari Bai Begum, an early Indian cinema actress renowned for her role in Heer Ranjha (1932).

Career Beginnings: Shura made her Bollywood debut in 2013 with Aurangzeb, starring alongside Arjun Kapoor. Simultaneously showcasing her singing prowess, she received mixed reviews for her performance.

Subsequently appearing in Desi Kattey (2014), where she played the role of Paridhi, a sharpshooter, Shura earned positive acclaim for her acting and singing skills.

Musical Interlude: Taking a hiatus from acting, Shura focused on her singing career. In 2019, she released her first single, “The Punjaabban Song,” a tribute to her Punjabi roots, which garnered over 100 million views on YouTube.

Collaborating with John Abraham on “Kusu Kusu” for Satyameva Jayate 2 (2021), she achieved even greater success, amassing over 200 million views.

Personal Life: Relationship with Arbaaz Khan: Shura Khan’s personal life has garnered attention due to her relationship with Arbaaz Khan, the well-known Bollywood actor and producer, brother of Salman Khan. Meeting in 2018, the couple hit it off instantly and has been openly expressing their love on social media.

Having met each other’s families and reportedly planning to marry soon, they are a much-discussed duo in the Bollywood circles.

Recent Love Story: Arbaaz and Shura: Arbaaz and Shura’s love story began on the sets of the film Patna Shukla, where Shura served as a makeup artist for lead actress Kriti Sanon. Their common interests and shared sense of humor blossomed into a serious relationship.

The couple, maintaining privacy on social media, often posts affectionate pictures and videos.

Arbaaz’s Previous Relationship and Co-Parenting: Before Shura, Arbaaz was in a four-year relationship with Italian model and actor Giorgia Andriani. Following their breakup, both parties confirmed their separation in separate interviews.

Arbaaz, co-parenting with his ex-wife Malaika Arora, maintains a respectful and mature relationship with her, emphasizing their commitment to providing a healthy environment for their son, Arhaan.

Ethnicity, Nationality, and Beyond: As a British national of Pakistani ethnicity, Shura Khan stands out not only for her artistic prowess but also for her multicultural background.

With a promising future in both singing and acting, Shura Khan is set to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Height and Weight: The precise measurements of her height and weight remain undisclosed at this time.

Net Worth: The exact details of her net worth are currently unknown.


Some Lesser Known Facts About Shura Khan

  1. Multicultural Upbringing: Shura Khan had a diverse upbringing, spending her early years in Mumbai, New Jersey, Canada, and Dubai. This multicultural exposure has likely contributed to her versatile personality.

  2. Educational Background: She pursued her early education at Jankidevi Public School in Mumbai and the Dubai American Scientific School in the UAE. Despite her entertainment career, she prioritized her education.

  3. Musical Heritage: Shura comes from a family with a rich musical heritage. Her mother, Salma Agha, is an acclaimed British singer and actress who received the Filmfare Best Female Playback Award in 1982.

  4. Pashtun Roots: Her family lineage includes Pashtun musician Rafiq Ghaznavi, adding another layer to her cultural background.

  5. Early Passion for Music: Inspired by her mother, Shura delved into Hindustani classical music at a young age. This early exposure laid the foundation for her later involvement in the music industry.

  6. Acting Debut: Shura made her Bollywood acting debut in 2013 with the film Aurangzeb, sharing the screen with Arjun Kapoor. Despite mixed reviews, this marked the beginning of her journey in the film industry.

  7. Positive Reception in Desi Kattey: Her role as Paridhi, a sharpshooter, in the movie Desi Kattey (2014) received positive acclaim for both her acting and singing skills.

  8. Singing Career: Shura took a hiatus from acting to focus on her singing career. Her singles, especially “The Punjaabban Song” and “Kusu Kusu,” gained significant popularity, accumulating millions of views on YouTube.

  9. Collaboration with John Abraham: Shura collaborated with Bollywood actor John Abraham for the song “Kusu Kusu” in the movie Satyameva Jayate 2 (2021), achieving considerable success.

  10. Love Story with Arbaaz Khan: Shura’s relationship with Bollywood actor and producer Arbaaz Khan began on the sets of the film Patna Shukla. Their love story, characterized by common interests and shared humor, has been a topic of discussion in the media.

  11. Private Personal Life: Despite being in the public eye, Shura and Arbaaz maintain a level of privacy in their personal life, choosing to share glimpses on social media selectively.


Category Details
Full Name Shura Khan (Originally named Zara Khan)
Profession Makeup Artist, Actress, and Singer
Date of Birth 1994 (Age: Approximately 28 years)
Birthplace London, United Kingdom
Education Jankidevi Public School (Mumbai), Dubai American Scientific School (UAE)
Musical Background Hindustani Classical Music
Debut Film Aurangzeb (2013)
Notable Song “The Punjaabban Song” from Jugjugg Jeeyo (2022)
Collaboration “Kusu Kusu” with John Abraham for Satyameva Jayate 2 (2021)
Family Background Daughter of Salma Agha (British singer and actress)
Relationship Engaged to Arbaaz Khan (Bollywood Actor and Producer)
Love Story Beginnings Started on the sets of the film Patna Shukla
Privacy Stance Maintains privacy on social media while sharing select moments
Previous Relationship of Arbaaz Khan Four-year relationship with Giorgia Andriani
Co-Parenting Arbaaz co-parents with his ex-wife Malaika Arora for their son, Arhaan
Ethnicity British National of Pakistani Ethnicity
Multicultural Background Grew up in Mumbai, New Jersey, Canada, and Dubai
Height Undisclosed
Net Worth Exact details unknown
Who is Shura Khan Arbaaz wife?
Actor-producer Arbaaz Khan is now married to his lady love Shura Khan. The couple got married in an intimate wedding ceremony on December 24. Shura Khan is a celebrated makeup artist who has carved a niche for herself in the industry. Shura maintains a low-key presence on social media.
Who is Shura Khan makeup artist?
The Artistry of Shura Khan:
Shura Khan, a highly regarded celebrity makeup artist, has carved a niche for herself in the glamorous world of Bollywood. Despite maintaining a low-key presence on social media, her professional endeavors showcased on her Instagram account unveil a world of artistry and skill.

Unseen Images Of Shura Khan

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