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Sidharth Malhotra and Raashii Khanna’s Hand-Holding Moment During ‘Yodha’ Promotions Goes Viral

Sidharth Malhotra and Raashi Khanna created a buzz during the promotions of their upcoming film “Yodha” when they were spotted holding hands for a fleeting moment. The promotional activities for the movie recently commenced, and the actors were seen in Jaipur over the weekend. They launched the first song of the film, “Zindagi Tere Naam,” in Jaipur, garnering significant attention online.

Photos from their visit circulated widely on the internet, but it was a video capturing Sidharth and Raashi briefly holding hands that truly surprised fans. Shared by Instant Bollywood, the video depicted Raashi momentarily holding onto Sidharth’s hand, although he quickly released it.

In the video, Sidharth and Raashi are seen making their way to the music launch venue. Initially, Raashi held onto Sidharth’s arm as they entered, but this evolved into hand-holding. Sidharth then maneuvered her behind the bodyguards to assist her through the approaching crowd. This brief yet intimate moment was captured on camera, causing the video to quickly go viral.

Several social media users, including fans of Kiara Advani, expressed their surprise at the gesture between Sidharth Malhotra and Raashi Khanna. Many labeled it as ‘weird’ and questioned the appropriateness of publicly holding hands, especially since they are just co-actors.

One user commented, “Why holding hand nd all publicly ?? She is just a co-actor, onscreen is fine but not socially … not cool.”

However, some fans defended Sidharth’s actions, suggesting that he was being courteous by not embarrassing Raashi and promptly letting go of her hand.

Another user observed, “Sid is very decent; she held his hands, he held it as he didn’t want to embarrass her later on he left her hands.”

Furthermore, there were opinions highlighting that not every gesture between actors needs to be interpreted romantically. Some users questioned the tendency to scrutinize every interaction and criticized the tendency to jump to conclusions.

“Why does everything have to be a couple thing? Do brothers and sisters not hold hands? He’s married? He knows that! So funny people’s reaction? He could be there supporting her? That’s the issue, every movement is watched and criticized,” one comment read.

Ultimately, while there were differing opinions on the matter, it was noted by some users that Sidharth’s decision to let go of Raashi’s hand indicated an understanding that the gesture may not have been entirely appropriate for the situation.

“The thing is he did let go of her hand… so that indicates to me he knows that wasn’t appropriate.. standard,” added a second user.

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