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Starfish (2023) Movie Cast, Review, Download Link 480p 720p 1080p

Starfish (2023) Movie Cast, Review, Download Link 480p 720p 1080p

Starfish (2023) Movie Overview

“Starfish” emerges as a cinematic masterpiece, leading audiences on an unforgettable journey. With mesmerizing visuals and a thought-provoking narrative, the film transcends traditional storytelling boundaries, creating an immersive and captivating experience.

Introducing the official trailer of “Starfish,” featuring Khushalii Kumar, Milind Soman, Ehan Bhat, and Tusharr Khanna. This cinematic venture is presented by Gulshan Kumar and T-Series, produced by T-Series Films and Almighty Motion Picture Production.

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Scheduled for release in cinemas on November 24, 2023, “Starfish” is set to unfold a unique story with the following film credits:

Film Credits:

  • Directed by: Akhilesh Jaiswal
  • Produced by: Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Almighty Motion Picture
  • Cast: Khushalii Kumar, Milind Soman, Ehan Bhat, Tusharr Khanna
  • Co-Produced by: Shiv Chanana
  • President (T-Series): Neeraj Kalyan
  • Screenplay & Dialogues: Akhilesh Jaiswal, Aditya Bhatnagar
  • DOP: Jim Edgar
  • Production Design: Christopher Brian Ahearne
  • Editor: Manan Sagar
  • VFX & DI: Famous Digital Studio
  • Music: Sachet-Parampara, Manan Bhardwaj, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Khaalif, Oaff, Savera
  • Background Music: Amar Mohile
  • DI Colorist: Prashant Sharma
  • Sound Designer: Rohit Pradhan
  • Re-Recording Mixer: Vitthal Gore
  • Lyrics: Kumaar, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Mellow D, Manan Bhardwaj, Ankur Tewari, Oaff, Savera, Medha Sahi
  • Project Head (T-Series): Shraddha Shrikant Ghanekar
  • Executive Producer: Ravi Bohra, Mohit Parashar
  • Line Producer: Pedja Miletic
  • Head of Operations: Arshad Ashfaque Khan
  • Marketing & Promotions (T-Series): Shivam Chanana, Raj Chanana, Prashant Shetty, Mita Choudhary, Rahul Dubey, Amol Bhamare, Heett Savla
  • Music on: T-Series
  • Music Team (T-Series): Raj Chanana, Shivam Chanana, Sonal Chawla, Sonu Srivastava, Vivin Sachdeva
  • PR Agency: Communiqué Film Pr
  • Digital Marketing: Little Monk Network
  • Publicity Campaign: Mantraa Luminosity
  • Post-Production: The Post Co.
  • Visual Promotions: Feed the Wolf

Movie Information:

  • Movie Description: A beautiful journey through the depths of the underwater world unfolds a gripping tale of grief and healing.
  • Movie Name: Starfish (2013) Hindi Movie
  • Movie Category: Latest Bollywood Movies (2023)
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller
  • Release Date: 2023
  • Starring: Khushali Kumar, Milind Soman, Mike Parish, Nikhat Khan
  • Director: Akhilesh Jaiswal
  • Rating: 9.0

Starfish (2023) Movie Trailer

Starfish (2023) Movie Review

The movie unfolds as a diver from a dredging company embarks on a quest for answers tied to her painful past. A twist of fate brings her face-to-face with someone who significantly impacted the course of her life. The looming question is whether this encounter will shed light on the mystery she’s determined to unravel.

Adapted from Bina Nayak’s novel “Starfish Pickle,” the narrative kicks off in picturesque Malta, where Tara Salgaonkar (Khushalii Kumar), a deeply troubled individual, leads a diving mission to recover the remains of a naval crew following a ship blast. The storyline delves into Tara’s life, marked by panic attacks and a tumultuous lifestyle stemming from a dark secret in her past. This secret led to her mother Sukanya’s (Vidya Malavade) tragic suicide, with Tara being labeled a mistake. As Tara endeavors to decipher her mother’s cryptic message and understand the reasons behind the drastic step, the film explores her relationships with naval captain Aman Sharma (Tusharr Khanna) and musician Neel (Ehan Bhat), leaving the audience in suspense about whether she will find closure.

A standout feature of the film is its visual allure. Cinematographer Jim Edgar and director Akhilesh Jaiswal skillfully capture the oceanic landscapes and underwater sequences, including the well-executed rescue operations. The film beautifully showcases the locales of Malta and Sicily, along with vibrant nightlife. However, the screenplay by Akhilesh and Aditya Bhatnagar, while crediting novelist Bina Nayak, appears disjointed and lacks a cohesive quality. The narrative’s intense focus on Tara’s emotional turmoil at times overshadows the storytelling. The exploration of how guilt and uncertainty affect relationships is only superficially touched upon, lacking depth in the crucial love stories that contribute to Tara’s journey of self-discovery.

While Akhilesh’s direction is commendable, the narrative occasionally feels like a string of events centered around the protagonist. Tara’s quest involves an encounter with Arlo (Milind Soman), a spiritual and music guru pivotal to her life. However, after a pivotal confrontational sequence, the subsequent events seem rushed. The film aims to maintain the mystery surrounding Tara’s past, but the abrupt ending renders it more ambiguous than open-ended.

Khushalii Kumar delivers a compelling performance as a diver and a free-spirited individual. Her portrayal gains intensity in the second half as her emotional turmoil escalates. Tusharr Khanna and Ehan Bhat deliver passable performances, while Milind Soman shines in his brief role. The film’s music, including the folk song “Madhaniya Redux” and the club number “Kudiye Ni Teri,” adds to its appeal.

Despite a promising premise and the potential for a robust character arc, the film falls short due to a loosely woven and fragmented screenplay. A more cohesive narrative could have unlocked the true potential and depth of the story. Nevertheless, the movie remains a visual delight for audiences.

Starfish (2023) Movie Cast, Review, Download Link 480p 720p 1080p


Download Starfish (2023) Hindi HDRip Full Movie

Starfish (2023) Movie Cast, Review, Download Link 480p 720p 1080p
Download Starfish (2023) Hindi HDRip Full Movie
Download Starfish (2023) Hindi HDRip Full Movie
Download Starfish (2023) Hindi HDRip Full Movie
Download Starfish (2023) Hindi HDRip Full Movie
Download Starfish (2023) Hindi HDRip Full Movie
Download Starfish (2023) Hindi HDRip Full Movie

Starfish (2023) Movie Download Link

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