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Aayiram Porkaasukal Tamil Movie Cast, Release Date, Download Link, Review & News 2023


Aayiram Porkaasukal Tamil Movie Cast, Release Date, Download Link, Review & News 2023

Aayiram Porkaasukal Tamil Movie Overview

“Aayiram Porkaasukal” is an action-comedy Tamil movie directed by Ravi Murukaya. The film stars Vidhaarth and Arundathi Nair in the lead roles. Produced by G Ramalingam under the banner KR Infotainment, the movie features music composed by Johan.

Release Date:
The movie was released in theaters in 2023.

Plot Summary:
“Aayiram Porkaasukal” unfolds as a delightful comedy of errors when two men stumble upon a thousand gold coins. This discovery sets off a series of humorous situations that not only impact the lives of the main characters but also create chaos and entertainment in their village. The film weaves through quirky scenarios, including a funny funeral, an elopement plan, and a comedic cat-and-mouse chase between neighbors.


  • Vidhaarth
  • Arundathi Nair
  • Saravanan


  • Director: Ravi Murukaya
  • Producer: G Ramalingam
  • Music: Johan

Music Label:
MRT Music

The movie has received mixed reviews. While it is praised for its entertaining elements and humor, there are criticisms regarding certain aspects, including the treatment of a female character and the pacing of the romantic subplot. The performances of the cast, especially Vidhaarth, Arundathi Nair, and Saravanan, have been commended.

Despite some shortcomings, “Aayiram Porkaasukal” is considered interesting and enjoyable, particularly for those seeking a light and fun cinematic experience. The film’s unique plot involving a thousand gold coins adds an intriguing element to the comedy.

Aayiram Porkaasukal 2023 Tamil Movie Review

Aayiram Porkaasukal Tamil Movie Trailer 2023

Aayiram Porkaasukal Tamil Movie 2023 Download In Hindi

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