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Saba Nayagan 2023 Tamil Movie Cast, Download Link, Release Date, Review & More

Saba Nayagan 2023 Tamil Movie Cast, Download Link, Release Date, Review & More

Saba Nayagan 2023 Tamil Movie Overview

“Saba Nayagan” is a Tamil romantic comedy entertainer directed by C.S. Karthikeyan. The movie features Ashok Selvan, Karthika Muraleedharan, Chandini Chowdary, and Megha Aakash in the lead roles, along with Sherlin Seth, Viviya Santh, Arun Kumar, Jaiseelan Sivaram, Sriram Krish, and others in supporting roles. The film is produced by Aravind Jayabalan, Iyyappan Gnanavel, and Captain Megavanan Isaivanan under the banners Clear Water Films INC., I Cinema, and Captain Mega Entertainment.


  • Directed by: C.S. Karthikeyan
  • Music Director: Leon James
  • DOP (Cinematography): Balasubramaniem, Dinesh Purushothaman, Prabhu Rhagav
  • Editor: Ganesh Siva
  • Art Director: G.C. Anandhan
  • Choreographers: Raju Sundaram, Brinda, Leelavathy
  • Action Director: Billa Jagan
  • Costume Designer: Nikhita Niranjan
  • Sound Design: Sound Vibe
  • Sound Mixing: T. Uday Kumar (Knack Studios)
  • Production Executive: M.S. Loganathan
  • Creative Producer: K.Sridhar
  • Line Producer: Vickys RA
  • Executive Producer: Naushath Palayathar
  • Colourist: Shanmuga Pandian M
  • Stills: Akash Balaji
  • VFX: Hocus Pocus
  • PRO: Sathish Kumar
  • Publicity Designer: Thandora


  • Ashok Selvan
  • Megha Akash
  • Karthika Muralidharan
  • Chandini Chowdary
  • Mayilsamy
  • Michael Thangadurai
  • Udumalai Ravi
  • Arun Kumar
  • Jaiseelan Sivaram
  • Sriram Krish
  • Sherlin Seth
  • Viviyasanth
  • Akshaya Hariharan
  • Tulasi Shivamani

“Saba Nayagan” revolves around Sub-Inspector Vishnu and his constables who arrest the protagonist, Saba, on charges of drunkenness and public nuisance. Saba, attempting to leverage the sympathy of the police, narrates four different stories from different phases of his life, each involving heartbreak. As the stories unfold, Sub-Inspector Vishnu connects with Saba and opens up about his own love life. The film takes a twist, making Saba a true hero.

Release Date:
“Saba Nayagan” is scheduled for release in theaters on December 22nd, 2023.

Saba Nayagan 2023 Tamil Movie Review

“Saba Nayagan” is a recent addition to the genre of films centered around a man and the women he falls in love with at different stages of his life. Directed by CS Karthikeyan, the film is notable for its incorporation of interesting and laugh-out-loud moments into the familiar narrative.

The film’s impact is attributed to its quick-witted one-liners, providing an engaging and entertaining experience. While certain stretches may not be as effective, the film manages to pull the audience back with smart jokes delivered by the protagonist Aravind/Saba (Ashok Selvan) and his friends. The movie successfully balances its tone, incorporating drama without losing sight of its primary genre, comedy.

Like many films in this genre, “Saba Nayagan” delves into the protagonist’s friendships as much as his love life. The portrayal of Aravind’s friendships is effective, while his love life, particularly with Karthika Muralidharan as his school crush Esha, stands out with her captivating performance.

The film maintains a self-aware approach, never taking itself too seriously and consistently delivering comedy. Emotional moments, such as a mother’s disappointment or friends sharing a farewell hug, are not prolonged and are often played for laughs rather than sentimental value.

The supporting cast, including Jaiseelan Sivaram, Arun Kumar, and Sriram Krish as the protagonist’s friends, adds humor to the narrative. Ashok Selvan, in the lead role, holds the film together with his effective and nonchalant performance.

In summary, “Saba Nayagan” thrives on relatability, humor, and references, providing an entertaining cinematic experience.

Review by Roopa Radhakrishnan.

Saba Nayagan 2023 Tamil Movie Trailer 2023

Saba Nayagan 2023 Tamil Movie Full Download in Hindi

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