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Arbaaz Khan Reveals Meeting His Wife Shura Khan When She Worked as Raveena Tandon’s Makeup Artist, Discloses Year-Long Courtship Before Marriage

Arbaaz Khan’s Surprise Revelation: He and Wife Shura Khan Dated Secretly for Over a Year Before Marriage

Arbaaz Khan’s marriage to Shura Khan in December 2023 came as a shock to many fans, as the couple had kept their relationship under wraps until then. In a recent revelation, Arbaaz disclosed that he and Shura had been in a relationship for more than a year before tying the knot, and during that time, they managed to keep their romance hidden from the public eye. Not even the paparazzi in Mumbai were aware of their love story.

Arbaaz shared insights into their journey, recounting their first encounter on the sets of the film “Patna Shuklla,” which he produced. The movie starred Raveena Tandon, with Shura working as Raveena’s makeup artist at the time. Arbaaz admitted that prior to this project, he had never even heard of Shura or crossed paths with her.

Although they met during the filming, their relationship blossomed later. Arbaaz revealed that their interactions on set were limited to professional matters, such as fixing things for Raveena, with casual greetings being the extent of their communication. It was only after the shoot concluded that they began meeting more frequently, gradually deepening their bond.

Despite their growing affection, Arbaaz and Shura kept their romance clandestine for over a year before making it public. They were fortunate to avoid detection while meeting at coffee shops, and Arbaaz would discreetly pick her up and drop her off. Their efforts to maintain privacy paid off, as no one ever caught them together, much to Shura’s delight.

Prior to Shura, Arbaaz was in a relationship with Giorgia Andriani, with whom he parted ways two years before meeting Shura. Arbaaz was previously married to Malaika Arora for 19 years, before their separation.

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