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Barbie (2023) Movie Download Link, Cast, Review & News


Barbie (2023) Movie Download Link, Cast, Review & News

Barbie (2023) Movie Overview

Barbie Movie Overview:

Release Date: 21 July 2023

Language: English

Dubbed In: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Duration: 1h 55min

Certificate: 13+


  • Margot Robbie
  • Ryan Gosling
  • America Ferrera
  • Simu Liu
  • Kate McKinnon
  • Ariana Greenblatt
  • Alexandra Shipp
  • Emma Mackey
  • Will Ferrell
  • Issa Rae
  • Michael Cera
  • Hari Nef
  • Kingsley Ben-Adir
  • Rhea Perlman
  • Ncuti Gatwa
  • Emerald Fennell
  • Sharon Rooney
  • Scott Evans
  • Ana Cruz Kayne
  • Connor Swindells
  • Ritu Arya
  • Jamie Demetriou
  • And more…


  • Director: Greta Gerwig
  • Writer: Greta Gerwig, Noah Baumbach
  • Cinematography: Rodrigo Prieto
  • Music: Andrew Wyatt, Mark Ronson
  • Producer: Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley, Robbie Brenner, David Heyman
  • Production: LuckyChap Entertainment, Mattel Films, Heyday Films

About Barbie Movie (2023):
In the seemingly perfect and colorful world of Barbieland, Barbie (Margot Robbie) experiences an existential crisis. Determined to find her owner in the real world, Barbie is joined by Ken (Ryan Gosling), whose entire existence depends on Barbie’s acknowledgment. The journey explores themes of identity, self-discovery, and the complexities of relationships.

Barbie (Hindi Dubbed):
iMDB Rating: 7.2/10
Genre: Comedy | Adventure | Fantasy
Stars: Margot Robbie, Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon
Director: Greta Gerwig
Language: Hindi (ORG 2.0) + English 5.1 / ESubs
Quality: BluRay 1080p | 720p | 480p

Film Details:
Directed by Greta Gerwig, “Barbie” stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken, supported by a stellar cast including America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, Rhea Perlman, and Will Ferrell. The film delves into a unique narrative blending comedy, adventure, and fantasy.

Production Team:
The film is produced by LuckyChap Entertainment, Mattel Films, and Heyday Films. Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach are the writers, with Rodrigo Prieto as the cinematographer, and Andrew Wyatt and Mark Ronson as the music composers.

Release Information:
“Barbie” is set to be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, with a theatrical release on July 21, 2023, in the United States and internationally starting on July 19, 2023.

Get ready for a journey of self-discovery, humor, and adventure as Barbie and Ken navigate the complexities of their existence in this highly anticipated film.

Barbie (2023) Movie Review

Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” emerges as a dazzling achievement, showcasing excellence in both technical prowess and tone. This visually stunning spectacle not only serves as a gleeful escape but also resonates as a powerful statement. Bursting with meticulous attention to detail, “Barbie” demands multiple viewings to fully appreciate its intricacies, from accessories to costume design.

Led by Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken, the film offers a hilarious journey filled with laugh-out-loud moments. The idyllic, pink-hued Barbieland clashes with the outside world, bringing forth fish-out-of-water scenarios and clever pop culture references. While the anticipation complex may reveal some inspired moments, the film maintains its charm.

The plot follows Barbie’s existential crisis, prompting a journey to the human world for self-discovery. Ken accompanies her, adding depth to their relationship dynamics. The film masterfully blends stark reality with an expertly crafted fantasy, reminiscent of “The Truman Show” and “The LEGO Movie,” yet uniquely Gerwig’s.

“Barbie” acknowledges the unrealistic physical proportions of the iconic doll, addressing real body issues while celebrating Barbie as a feminist icon. The film cleverly incorporates pointed jokes at the expense of Mattel and Warner Bros., showcasing a self-awareness that adds to the overall charm.

Margot Robbie’s performance strikes a perfect balance between satire and sincerity, capturing Barbie’s exaggerated optimism flawlessly. Ryan Gosling shines as Ken, delivering a consistent scene-stealing portrayal, blending earnestness and humor.

The ensemble cast, comprising various Barbies and Kens, includes standout performances from Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, Alexandra Shipp, Simu Liu, America Ferrera, and Michael Cera. Each character adds depth and humor to the narrative.

While “Barbie” is wildly ambitious, it occasionally falters in maintaining a consistent tone. The film, after a strong start, slows down in the middle as it delves into more serious themes. Greta Gerwig’s exploration of toxic masculinity and female empowerment sometimes becomes heavy-handed, disrupting the film’s breezy and satirical edge.

Despite these moments, “Barbie” succeeds in delivering a crowd-pleasing extravaganza that sparks thoughtful conversations. It manages to blend entertainment with insightful commentary, offering a unique cinematic experience. In theaters from July 21st, “Barbie” is a must-watch for those seeking a visually stunning and thought-provoking summer spectacle.

Barbie (2023) Movie Trailer

Barbie (2023) Movie Download

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Download Barbie 2023 Hindi Dubbed HDRip Full Movie Download Barbie 2023 Hindi Dubbed HDRip Full Movie Download Barbie 2023 Hindi Dubbed HDRip Full Movie

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