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Toby (2023) Movie Download Link, Cast, Review & News


Toby (2023) Movie Download Link, Cast, Review  & News

Toby (2023) Movie Overview

Toby (Hindi Dubbed) – Movie Overview

IMDb Rating: 10.0/10

Genre: Action | Mystery | Drama | Thriller

Stars: Chaithra J. Achar, Gopalkrishna Deshpande, Bharath Gb

Director: Basil Alchalakkal

Language: Hindi DD5.1 / ESubs

Quality: WEB-DL 1080p | 720p | 480p

About the Film:

Toby, an intense action drama, unfolds the gripping tale of a man named Toby, estranged and perceived as a beast, who solemnly vows to break free from the clutches of an evil world. His transformative journey is fueled by a deep-seated commitment to the enigmatic Jenny.

Key Credits:

  • Written By: Raj B Shetty
  • Directed By: Basil Alchalakkal
  • Banner: Lighter Buddha Films – Agastya Films – Coffee Gang Studio – Smooth Sailers
  • Presented By: KVN Productions
  • Starring: Raj B Shetty, Chaithra J Achar, Samyuktha Horanad, Gopalakrishna Deshpande, Raj Deepak Shetty & Others
  • Music & Background Score: Midhun Mukundan
  • DOP: Praveen Shriyan
  • Editor: Nithin Shetty
  • Based on the Story By: T K Dayanand
  • Sound Design: Sync Cinema
  • Sound Mixing: Aravind Menon
  • Trailer Mixed By: Hriday Goswami
  • Production Design: Arshad Nakkoth
  • Makeup: Ronex Xavier
  • Executive Producers: Shamil Bangera, Arpith Adyar
  • Art Director: Jithu
  • Colorist: Ramesh C P
  • Costume Design: Varsha Acharya
  • Action: Rajashekaran – Arjun Raaj
  • Spot Sound Recordist: Adarsh Joseph Palamattam
  • Associate Directors: Binu Balakrishnan, Chethak Kulal, Rohith Shetty
  • Assistant Directors: Robin Rai, Saumesh Bangera
  • Production Manager: Shabareesh Kabbinale
  • Line Producers: Vijaya Kumar Shetty
  • Costumers: Anchan Sachin, Divya Kundar
  • Art Department: Rajesh Kolake, Nikhil Amin, Vineesh Vattamkulam, Vikram Devadiga
  • Stills & BTS: Abhijith Kumar
  • Finance Manager: Shravan Bhandary
  • Production: Lathish Devadiga, Deekshith Kulal
  • Associate Cinematographer: Pradeep B Reddy
  • Assistant Cinematographers: Jacob Johnson, Sandesh Dayalan, Dhanush
  • Trailer Editor: Pratheek Shetty
  • Subtitle: Samartha Madhusudhan Rao
  • Music On: Lighter Buddha Films
  • Marketing: Creative Guys
  • Digital Partner: Divo
  • Publicity Design: Kaikulu Studios
  • Entire Karnataka Release: KVN Productions


Toby is a 2023 Indian Kannada-language action drama film directed by debutant Basil Alchalakkal and produced by Ravi Rai Kalasa. The film stars Raj B. Shetty, Samyukta Hornad, Chaitra Achar, and Raj Deepak Shetty. It unravels the compelling narrative of Toby, a man on a mission to redeem himself from the darkness that surrounds him, all in the name of love and transformation.

Toby (2023) Movie Review

Toby (Hindi Dubbed) – Film Review

Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Drama | Thriller

Cast: Bharath GB, Chaitra J Achar, Gopalkrishna Deshpande


In the quaint village of Thamas Katte, newly appointed station inspector Sampath (Bharath GB) is welcomed amidst preparations for the upcoming village festival, Maari Jatre. The tranquil setting takes an unexpected turn when Jenny (Chaitra J Achar) seeks Sampath’s help in finding her missing father, Toby. Toby, an enigmatic man with an unconventional reputation in the village, is a mystery to many. As Sampath delves into Toby’s world, the film unfolds, questioning whether Toby is a devil, an angel, or a complex blend of both.

Plot Summary:

Toby, an abandoned child, finds solace in a makeshift family that includes Father Iglesias, Damodara, Jenny, and Savitri. His world is disrupted when Ananda interferes, leading to a series of events that unravel Toby’s true nature. The film explores Toby’s journey, his struggles for survival, and the layers of his character. As the narrative unfolds, Toby’s silence becomes a powerful language, transcending the need for dialogues. The film navigates themes of survival, affection, and societal complexities.

Performances and Technical Brilliance:

Raj B Shetty delivers a commanding and authentic performance as Toby, relying on expressions and actions rather than words. Chaitra J Achar impresses with her portrayal of a resilient woman, sharing a complex bond with Toby. The film’s artistic appeal is heightened by Praveen Shriyan’s cinematography, capturing the beauty of nature and the intensity of Toby’s character. Composer Midhun Mukundan’s music seamlessly integrates into the narrative, enhancing the cinematic experience.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

The film’s strength lies in its performances and technical prowess, with each actor contributing to the immersive storytelling. However, the slow-paced narration and a predictable premise are notable drawbacks. The climax, though built up effectively, falls short of delivering a cathartic resolution, leaving the audience longing for a more impactful ending. The film, while offering a unique blend of genres, lacks surprise elements and fails to provide an overwhelming experience.

Final Verdict:

Toby offers a compelling cinematic experience, with powerful performances and meticulous technical execution. While it may not fit neatly into a specific genre, its exploration of themes and characters adds depth to the narrative. Despite its shortcomings in pacing and predictability, the film leaves an impression and introduces a surprising element for fans familiar with the Raj-verse, making it a worthwhile watch.

Toby (2023) Movie Trailer

Toby (2023) Movie Download Free 480p 720p 1080p

In Hindi :- Click Here

In English :- Click Here


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