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Bullet Diaries Malayalam Movie Cast, Download Link, Release Date & Review 2023


Bullet Diaries (Malayalam) – Movie Overview

Aspect Details

Title :- Bullet Diaries

Language :- Malayalam

Director :- Santosh Mandoor

Writer :- Santosh Mandoor

Cast :-Dhyan Sreenivasan, Renji Panicker, Prayaga Martin

Producers :- Nobin Mathew, Pramod Mattummal, Minu Thomas (B3M Creations)

Cinematographer :- Faisal Ali

Editor :- Ranjan Abraham

Music Composer :- Shan Rahman

Release Date :- December 15, 2023

“Bullet Diaries” is a Malayalam film directed by Santosh Mandoor. The storyline revolves around the characters played by Dhyan Sreenivasan, Renji Panicker, and Prayaga Martin. The movie, written by Santosh Mandoor, explores various themes, and with the cast led by these talented actors, it promises an engaging cinematic experience.

Production Details:
Produced under the banner of B3M Creations, the film is backed by producers Nobin Mathew, Pramod Mattummal, and Minu Thomas. The cinematography is handled by Faisal Ali, ensuring visually appealing sequences, and the editing is done by Ranjan Abraham. The music, a crucial element in any Malayalam film, is composed by Shan Rahman.

Release Date:
“Bullet Diaries” hit the theaters on December 15, 2023, inviting audiences to experience the narrative crafted by Santosh Mandoor and the performances of the stellar cast.

Bullet Diaries Malayalam Movie Review 2023

Despite an intriguing plot, the execution of “Bullet Diaries” falls short of expectations, resulting in a disappointing viewing experience. The film is criticized for its weak screenplay, artificial acting, clichéd scenes, and below-average performance by the lead actor, Dhyan Sreenivasan. The comedy dialogues are deemed unbearable, contributing to the overall lack of quality in the film’s presentation.

However, some positives are highlighted. Prayaga Martin is praised for her more natural portrayal, and Sree Lakshmi, in the role of Amma, is acknowledged for delivering a commendable performance. Nisha Sarang also receives positive recognition for her role. It’s noted that Kottayam Pradeep, in one of his last films, had a different role, but the execution did not meet expectations. The performances of Altaf Saleem and Johnny Antony are labeled as subpar.

On the technical side, Faisal Ali’s cinematography and Ranjan Abraham’s editing are acknowledged for their seamless execution.

Bullet Diaries 2023 Movie Trailer 

Bullet Diaries Malayalam Movie Download Free

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