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O Nanna Chethana 2023 Kannada Movie Cast, Download Link & Review


O Nanna Chethana 2023 Kannada Movie Info :-

“O Nanna Chethana” is a Kannada movie directed by the talented actress Apoorva. The film features Prathik, Pruthan, Baby Daneshwari, Dimpana, and Monica in the lead roles. The music for the movie is composed by Pradeep Varma, and Guru Prashanth handles the cinematography. The film is produced under the banner of S & S Banner.

The storyline and plot details of “O Nanna Chethana” are not provided in the given information. However, with Apoorva at the helm of direction and a cast featuring emerging talents, the movie promises to deliver an engaging and noteworthy cinematic experience. The combination of Pradeep Varma’s music and Guru Prashanth’s cinematography adds further anticipation for a visually and musically rich film.

As the film is produced under the S & S Banner, audiences can expect a production that is committed to quality and entertainment. The movie, being in Kannada, is likely to cater to the regional audience, offering them a unique and compelling narrative.

Aspect Details
Title O Nanna Chethana (2023)
Language Kannada
Director Apurva
Writer Hari Santhosh
Cast Pratheek, Shourya, Dimpana, Preetham, Dhaneshwari
Music Composer Pradeep Varma
Cinematographer Guru Prashanth
Production Banner S & S Banner
Genre Not specified
Release Year 2023
Synopsis Explores modern parenthood, impact of the digital age on children, and the societal issue of children’s mobile addiction.
Awards Best Film Award at Bengaluru International Film Festival
Rating 2.5/5
Streaming Platform Not specified

O Nanna Chethana 2023 Movie Review

“Oh Nanna Chetana” presents a compelling story of a child’s determined effort to protect his family and community from addiction, utilizing technology as a tool for change. The film stands out for its exploration of a significant societal concern, children’s mobile addiction, and the lengths one can go to address such challenges. However, there’s a sense that the narrative could have been explored more deeply, leaving room for further development.

The innocence portrayed by the young actors, particularly Pratheek, is commendable. Scenes depicting Chethu’s emotional journey, especially in his pursuit of a mobile device, resonate with authenticity. The ensemble cast supports the storyline effectively, contributing to the film’s overall impact.

Recognized with the Best Film Award at the Bengaluru International Film Festival, “Oh Nanna Chetana” distinguishes itself with quality production, a poignant message, resonant melodies, and authentic locations. While balancing entertainment with a cautionary note for parents, the film successfully engages audiences.

Final Verdict:
“Oh Nanna Chetana” marks a commendable effort from a first-time director, addressing a prevalent societal issue with sincerity. While it could have delved deeper into its narrative, the film succeeds in delivering a meaningful message and capturing the innocence of its young cast. With a rating of 2.5/5, it stands as a notable exploration of the challenges posed by children’s mobile addiction in today’s digital age.

O Nanna Chethana Movie Trailer 2023

O Nanna Chethana 2023 Kannada Movie Download

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