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Haryana Government Hands Over INLD Chief Nafe Singh Rathee Murder Case to CBI

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) may soon take over the investigation into the murder of INLD chief Nafe Singh Rathee. This announcement came after the Congress moved an adjournment motion regarding the law-and-order situation in Haryana. Haryana’s Home Minister, Anil Vij, made the announcement in the state Assembly on Monday.

Vij stated, “If the House is only satisfied with a CBI probe, then I assure the members that we will hand over the case to the CBI.” This indicates a willingness from the state government to transfer the case to the central agency if deemed necessary for the satisfaction of the Assembly members and to ensure a thorough investigation into the matter.

The situation surrounding the tragic incidents involving BJP leader Jagdish Rathi’s suicide and the subsequent murder of INLD leader Nafe Singh Rathee is indeed distressing and raises serious concerns about the law and order situation in Haryana.

In the case of Jagdish Rathi’s suicide, his allegations against certain individuals and subsequent inclusion of his son and brother among the accused in Nafe Singh Rathee’s murder case are significant developments. The involvement of BJP leader Narendra Kaushik and relatives of Bahadurgarh municipal corporation chairperson Saroj Rathi in the list of accused further complicates the matter.

The allegations made by Rathi’s son Jitendra regarding the lack of adequate security measures despite requests to various authorities raise questions about the responsibility of the state government in ensuring the safety of its citizens, especially those facing threats.

The accusations of the involvement of local BJP leaders in the murder and the use of advanced weapons suggest a potentially organized and well-funded operation, which warrants thorough investigation and accountability.

The manner in which the attack on Nafe Singh Rathee occurred, with shooters targeting him and others in his SUV, highlights the brazenness and severity of the crime. The loss of lives and injuries suffered in the attack underscore the urgency of addressing the underlying issues contributing to such violence.

Overall, these incidents underscore the need for a comprehensive and impartial investigation to uncover the truth, hold the perpetrators accountable, and ensure justice for the victims and their families. Additionally, they highlight the importance of strengthening measures to prevent such incidents and protect individuals at risk in the future.

The shooting incident involving the murder of INLD leader Nafe Singh Rathee has indeed sparked criticism directed at the Manohar Lal Khattar government, particularly regarding the alleged failure to provide adequate security despite repeated requests from the victim.

INLD chief Abhay Chautala’s statement highlighting Rathi’s unsuccessful attempts to obtain security cover underscores the concerns regarding the government’s responsiveness to security threats faced by individuals, especially those in prominent positions or perceived as vulnerable.

In response to the criticism and public outcry, Chief Minister Khattar has pledged decisive action, asserting that no culprit involved in the case will be spared. His directive to law enforcement agencies to swiftly arrest the accused and ensure the strictest possible action reflects a commitment to addressing the matter with urgency and severity.

It is essential for the government to follow through on its assurances and ensure that the investigation into the shooting is conducted thoroughly, impartially, and transparently. Additionally, steps must be taken to review and strengthen security protocols to prevent similar incidents in the future and reassure the public of their safety and well-being.

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