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Himachal Pradesh Congress Leader Pratibha Singh Commends BJP, Acknowledges Party’s Weak Position

Himachal Pradesh Congress chief Pratibha Singh praised the BJP, acknowledging that the Congress is currently in a weakened position.

Himachal Pradesh Congress Chief Acknowledges BJP’s Efficiency Amid Political Crisis

State Congress leader Pratibha Singh conceded that the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) operational efficiency surpasses that of the Congress, emphasizing the need for organizational strengthening. Her remarks followed a tumultuous period marked by cross-voting in the Rajya Sabha elections, which led to an embarrassing defeat for the ruling Congress in Himachal Pradesh.

Singh’s comments came after her son Vikramaditya Singh engaged with rebel MLAs who defected from the Congress during the Rajya Sabha polls, contributing to the BJP’s victory despite Congress’s majority in the state assembly.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by the Congress, Singh stressed the importance of strengthening the party and expressed concerns over the BJP’s proactive approach, guided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s directives.

The disqualification of six MLAs who engaged in cross-voting further complicated the political landscape, with Singh indicating that the party’s high command will determine their fate. She highlighted the importance of seeking justice through legal means while expressing empathy towards the disqualified MLAs, emphasizing their commitment to the Congress cause.

In response, the BJP’s Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur criticized the Congress-led government’s integrity, predicting its imminent downfall. He accused the Congress of resorting to unethical practices to retain power, undermining public confidence in the Chief Minister’s leadership.

Vikramaditya Singh’s interaction with rebel MLAs followed DK Shivakumar’s efforts to resolve internal conflicts within the Congress, as claimed by the party’s leadership.

The BJP, capitalizing on the Rajya Sabha election outcome, initially sought a floor test to challenge the Congress government’s majority. However, the suspension of 15 BJP MLAs, including Jairam Thakur, complicated the situation, providing a temporary respite for the Sukhu government.

As the Congress contemplates accountability for the electoral setback, senior party members, including Jairam Ramesh, underscored the need for introspection and corrective measures to prevent future occurrences of defection and cross-voting.

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