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“I am ready to sacrifice my life for you, but…”: Viral Video of New Zealand Politician’s Address.

A video of the inaugural address by Hana-Rawhiti Maipi-Clarke, New Zealand’s youngest MP in 170 years, delivered in December 2023, has gained widespread attention on social media. In her impactful speech, the 21-year-old, representing the Maori community, the indigenous people of New Zealand, pledged to her constituents, stating, “I will die for you… but I will [also] live for you.”

“I dedicated [that] speech… to my grandparents… However, this speech today… is dedicated to all our children,” expressed Maipi-Clarke.

At 21 years old, she holds the distinction of being Aotearoa’s youngest MP since 1853. Her election to the New Zealand Parliament in October last year marked a significant victory over Nanaia Mahuta, who had held the seat since its establishment in 2008 and had been an MP since 1996, as reported by New Zealand Herald.

Addressing Māori youth in her speech, Maipi-Clarke said, “To the tamariki Māori who have been sitting in the back of their classroom their whole life, whakamā, waiting generations longing to learn their native tongue, to the tamariki who haven’t been to their pepeha yet, it is waiting for you with open arms.”

“Never fit in. You are perfect. You are the perfect fit,” she added.

Political engagement runs in Maipi-Clarke’s family. Her great-great-great-great-grandfather, Wiremu Katene, served as the first Maori minister to the Crown in 1872. Her aunt, Hana Te Hemara, played a role in presenting the Māori language petition to the New Zealand Parliament in 1972. In 2018, her grandfather, Taitimu Maipi, garnered national attention for vandalizing a statue of Captain John Hamilton, the namesake of Hamilton city, in protest against Hamilton’s colonial legacy and unjust treatment towards Māori, according to The Guardian. Taitimu Maipi is a member of the Maori activist group ‘Nga Tamatoa’.

Originally from Huntly, a small town between Auckland and Hamilton, Maipi-Clarke manages a Māori community garden, māra kai, that educates local children about gardening according to the Māori lunar calendar, as reported by The Guardian. Additionally, she has authored a book encouraging young people to connect with the stars and the moon for self-healing.

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