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Meet Gabriel Attal: France’s Youngest-Ever Gay Prime Minister Who Implemented School Burka Ban

Meet Gabriel Attal: France's Youngest-Ever Gay Prime Minister Who Implemented School Burka Ban

In a significant development, Gabriel Attal has been named as the youngest-ever prime minister of France in an announcement made today. This decision by President Emmanuel Macron is a strategic move to address ongoing political challenges, particularly from the far-right, and marks a new phase in his presidency. Notably, Gabriel Attal is France’s first openly gay prime minister. The appointment was officially communicated by President Macron’s office in response to the resignation of Elisabeth Borne, the former prime minister, amidst political unrest related to an immigration law that grants increased deportation authority to the French government.

Gabriel Attal, at the age of 34, has been a prominent figure in French politics, previously serving as the government spokesperson and education minister. His political journey began with the Socialist Party before joining Macron’s political movement in 2016. Notably, Attal held the role of government spokesperson from 2020 to 2022, gaining recognition as he interacted with the media during this period. Having also served as the budget minister and education minister in the Macron administration, Attal has demonstrated his commitment to policy changes.

During his tenure as education minister, Gabriel Attal made headlines by announcing a ban on long robes, particularly worn by Muslims, in classrooms. These garments, commonly known as abaya robes or burkas, were deemed by Attal as challenging the principles of secularism in schools. Additionally, he initiated a plan to introduce uniforms in select public schools to shift focus away from clothing and address school bullying concerns. Notably, according to French opinion polls, Attal emerged as the most popular minister in Elisabeth Borne’s government. With Macron and Attal working together to form a new government in the coming days, the reshuffling is expected to retain key ministers in their current roles.

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