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Indian Police Force 2024 (Season 1) Complete Web Series Download 480p 720p 1080p

Indian Police Force 2024 (Season 1) Complete Web Series Overview

About “Indian Police Force” Web Series:

“I​ndian Police Force” is a seven-part action-packed series created by Rohit Shetty and directed by Rohit Shetty and Sushwanth Prakash. The series is a tribute to the unwavering dedication of Indian police officers and aims to redefine the action genre in the streaming space. Notably, this series marks Rohit Shetty’s digital directorial debut.

Release Date:
January 19, 2024



Rohit Shetty

Rohit Shetty, Sushwanth Prakash

Rohit Shetty, Sandeep Saket, Anusha Nandkumar, Ayush Trivedi, Vidhi Ghodgaonkar, Sanchit Bedre

Rohit Shetty

Rohit Shetty Picturez, Reliance Entertainment


A (Adult)


  • Siddharth Malhotra
  • Shilpa Shetty Kundra
  • Vivek Oberoi
  • Mukesh Rishi
  • Shweta Ashok Tiwari
  • Mrinal Ruchir Kulkarni
  • Nikitin Dheer
  • Mayyank Taandon
  • Vaidehi Parashurami
  • Sharad Kelkar
  • Ritu Raj Singh
  • Isha Talwar

About “Indian Police Force” Web Series:
Rohit Shetty extends his Cop Universe into the digital realm with “Indian Police Force,” a limited series comprising seven episodes. The story revolves around a Delhi Police SWAT team led by Kabir Malik, portrayed by Siddharth Malhotra. The series pays homage to the selfless service, unwavering commitment, and fierce patriotism of Indian police officers who put their lives on the line to ensure public safety.

Indian Police Force 2024 (Season 1) Complete Web Series Review

  1. Sidharth Malhotra’s Dynamic Avatar: Sidharth Malhotra, renowned for his roles in “Shershaah” and “Mission Majnu,” dons the uniform once again in “Indian Police Force.” Portraying DCP Kabir Malik, a brave ‘Dilli Ka Launda’ with a charismatic personality and sharp style, Sidharth brings a dedicated character willing to sacrifice for the nation. The trailer showcases his action prowess with remarkable stunts, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated heroic character.
  2. Powerful Roles of Shilpa Shetty and Vivek Oberoi: Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Vivek Oberoi join forces with Sidharth Malhotra in key roles. Shilpa embodies ATS Chief Tara Shetty, a strong and determined character, showcasing resilience and power. The trailer hints at intense combat scenes, highlighting the challenges her character faces. Vivek Oberoi portrays Joint CP Vikram Bakshi, a commanding leader with a strong presence, unafraid to join field operations. The stellar ensemble cast adds depth to the narrative.
  3. Entry into Rohit Shetty’s Cop Universe: Rohit Shetty’s cop universe, featuring iconic films like “Singham,” “Simmba,” and “Sooryavanshi,” expands into the digital realm with “Indian Police Force.” Sidharth, Shilpa, and Vivek make their entry into this esteemed cop universe. Helmed by Rohit Shetty and co-directed by Sushwanth Prakash, the series promises to bring Shetty’s action mastery from the big screen to the small screen seamlessly.
  4. Intriguing Plot: The series pays tribute to the bravery of Indian police officers, depicting their dedication and sacrifices for the country. Set against a menacing enemy with malicious intentions, the Delhi Police unit leaves no stone unturned to protect the nation. The narrative aims to entertain while evoking a powerful sense of patriotism.
  5. Music of “Indian Police Force”: The soundtrack features three captivating songs, each contributing a unique flavor. The title track, composed by Lijo George-Dj Chetas, promises an infectious rhythm. “Koi Aayat” offers an emotional journey with soul-stirring melodies, while “Bairiyaa Re” adds a romantic touch. The music videos capture the essence of love and emotion, enhancing the overall experience.
  6. Larger-Than-Life Action Sequences: The trailer promises an adrenaline-fueled experience with high-octane action, explosions, intense chases, hand-to-hand combat, and gripping fight sequences. Rohit Shetty’s signature larger-than-life action translates seamlessly to the OTT space, ensuring a cinematic spectacle for viewers on their digital devices.

Indian Police Force 2024 (Season 1) Complete Web Series Trailer

Indian Police Force 2024 (Season 1) Complete Web Series Download

Indian Police Force 2024 Complete Web Series Download in 480p :- Click Here

Indian Police Force 2024 Complete Web Series Download in 720p :- Click Here

Indian Police Force 2024 Complete Web Series Download in 1080p :- Click Here

Indian Police Force 2024 Complete Web Series Download :- Telegram Link

How to Stream “Indian Police Force” Web Series on Amazon Prime Video:

To enjoy the “Indian Police Force” web series on Amazon Prime Video, follow these steps after obtaining a basic subscription for Rs. 299 per month:

  1. Install Amazon Prime Video App: Download and install the Amazon Prime Video application on your device or visit the official website.
  2. Sign In: Complete the sign-in process by entering your valid credentials to access your Amazon Prime Video account.
  3. Search for the Series: Use the search option to find the “Indian Police Force” series in the collection available on Amazon Prime Video.
  4. Select Desired Episode: Browse through the list of episodes and choose the one you wish to watch.
  5. Start Streaming: Click on the “Watch Now” or “Play” button to start streaming the selected episode.
  6. Offline Viewing (Optional): If you prefer offline viewing, you can also download episodes to watch them later without an internet connection.

By following these simple steps, you can immerse yourself in the action-packed world of “Indian Police Force” on Amazon Prime Video.

Indian Police Force Web Series Season 1 Cast, Release Date, Download Link & Review

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