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Killer Soup 2024 Netflix Official Series Download Link 480p 720p 1080p & Cast, Review

Killer Soup 2024 Netflix Official Series overview

About “Killer Soup” Web Series:

Release Date: 11 January 2024

Language: Hindi
Dubbed In: English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Creator: Abhishek Chaubey, Unaiza Merchant, Anant Tripathi, Harshad Nalawade
Showrunner: Abhishek Chaubey
Director: Abhishek Chaubey
Writer: Abhishek Chaubey, Unaiza Merchant, Anant Tripathi, Harshad Nalawade
Cinematography: Anuj Rakesh Dhawan
Producer: Honey Trehan, Chetana Kowshik
Music Director: Benedict Taylor, Naren Chandavarkar
Production: Macguffin Pictures
Episodes: 8
Certificate: A


  • Manoj Bajpayee
  • Konkona Sensharma
  • Nassar
  • Vaishali Bisht
  • Sayaji Shinde
  • Lal
  • Kani Kusruti
  • Anula Navlekar
  • Anbu Thasan

“Killer Soup” is a comedy, crime, and drama web series loosely based on a true-life incident. The story revolves around Swathi Shetty (Konkona Sensharma), an incompetent home chef with dreams of owning a restaurant, and her suspicious husband, Prabhakar (Manoj Bajpayee), who is skeptical and unhelpful. Fate presents Swathi with an opportunity to cook up a master plan, intending to replace her husband with her lover, Umesh. However, whimsical characters, including a bumbling inspector and amateur villains, disrupt her plans, leading to a recipe for chaos.

Prepare for a blend of humor, crime, and drama as “Killer Soup” unfolds the tale of a bizarre plan gone awry in the world of culinary chaos.

Killer Soup 2024 Netflix Official Series Review

Netflix’s “Killer Soup” Review: A Dark-Comedy Thriller Feast

“Killer Soup,” Netflix’s latest dark-comedy thriller, serves up a piping hot dish of crime, suspense, panic, eccentricity, and drama. Directed by Abhishek Chaubey, the series stars Manoj Bajpayee and Konkona Sensharma in leading roles, offering a unique blend of thrills and laughter.

Setting the Stage:

The story opens in the refreshing town of Minjur in Tamil Nadu, where the Shetty Villa stands as a facade of happiness for the Shetty couple, played by Manoj Bajpayee and Konkona Sensharma. Behind the walls filled with seemingly happy couple pictures lies a loveless marriage between the chauvinistic Prabhakar Shetty and his dissatisfied wife Swathi. Swathi is secretly involved with Umesh Pillai, her husband’s masseuse, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Prabhakar.

Swathi, aspiring to open her restaurant, dreams of dazzling everyone with her trotter soup. However, there’s a catch – she’s a terrible cook who hasn’t realized the disastrous extent of her culinary skills.

In the first episode, Prabhakar discovers Swathi’s affair, leading to a violent confrontation. The situation takes a dark turn when, coincidentally, a private detective’s deadly accident involves the police, complicating matters for the illicit couple. Swathi devises a cunning plan to pose Umesh as Prabhakar, setting the stage for a series of events.

Plot Unfolding:

The subsequent episodes delve into the couple’s desperate attempts to conceal the truth, facing new threats and challenges at every turn. Amidst the main storyline, several sub-plots unfold, including Prabhakar’s rowdy brother’s illegal business, his rebellious daughter’s aspirations, and a newly recruited policeman’s suspicions.

Notably, Inspector Hassan’s character, played by Nassar, undergoes a fascinating transformation, adding depth to the narrative. As the complexities of each character unfold, the series takes a serious tone in the second half, with numerous unexpected twists.

Character Dynamics:

Konkona Sensharma impressively portrays Swathi, infusing a range of emotions into her character. From the suppressed woman dependent on her husband to the confident mastermind behind a cunning plan, Konkona navigates the emotional layers with finesse.

Manoj Bajpayee, in dual roles as Prabhakar and Umesh, delivers a stellar performance. Prabhakar exudes toxic masculinity, while Umesh brings in a timid and quirky demeanor. Bajpayee’s ability to convincingly portray two contrasting characters is commendable.

Humor Amidst Suspense:

While suspense dominates the series, “Killer Soup” also introduces comedic elements, offering moments of laughter. Scenes featuring a post-mortem doctor enjoying a meal next to a dead body and Umesh’s humorous comebacks contribute to the overall entertainment.

Poetic References:

The series incorporates poetic references, with a book titled “Poems for the Stoic Heart” becoming a central element. The poems serve as clues, intricately woven into the narration, providing a unique storytelling style. However, frequent poetic references may prove challenging for those less inclined toward poetry.

Visual Brilliance:

Cinematographically brilliant shots and meticulous prop placements characterize “Killer Soup.” Visual and audio metaphors, along with abundant food appearances, enhance the viewing experience. The series showcases a visually stunning feast, paying attention to details that carry narrative significance.

Musical Notes:

The background score by Benedict Taylor and Naren Chandavarkar adds an interesting layer to the storytelling. Musical tones subtly reflect Swathi’s emotional state, transitioning between joyousness and reality. The series incorporates Nina Simone’s song “Where you gonna run to?” for a poignant scene.


“Killer Soup” is an intriguing dark-comedy thriller that keeps viewers guessing with its unpredictable twists. The standout performances by Konkona Sensharma and Manoj Bajpayee, coupled with a strong supporting cast, contribute to the series’ success. Director Abhishek Chaubey ensures complex character arcs, and the series delivers a rollercoaster of emotions – from gasps to laughter, admiration to head-scratching moments. “Killer Soup” serves up a captivating feast that leaves audiences breathless and entertained.

Killer Soup 2024 Netflix Official Series Trailer

Killer Soup 2024 Netflix Official Series Download Link

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