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Tommy Dorfman Criticizes Delta Staff for ‘Misgendering’; Public Commends Employee for ‘Standing Up for Themselves’

Tommy Dorfman Criticizes Delta Staff for 'Misgendering'; Public Commends Employee for 'Standing Up for Themselves'

 Transgender actor Tommy Dorfman recently took to social media to share an incident of being misgendered by a Delta Air Lines employee. The TikTok video featuring Dorfman’s voice went viral, capturing an exchange with a Delta gate agent. In the video, Dorfman accuses the employee of intentionally using incorrect pronouns.

During the interaction, the gate agent, engaged with another passenger, unintentionally misgenders Dorfman. Despite Dorfman pointing out the error, the agent responds defensively. The exchange becomes heated, with the agent suggesting that Dorfman is being condescending and threatening to involve the Port Authority for potential removal.

In the accompanying TikTok caption, Dorfman states, “When you try to advocate for yourself at @delta and are met with even more transphobia and threats of being arrested at LaGuardia.” Dorfman expresses disappointment at facing transphobia while attempting to address the misgendering issue.

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The incident sparked support for the Delta employee on social media, with users praising the staff member for standing up for themselves. Comments commend the employee’s handling of the situation, suggesting Delta should be proud of its staff. Some users even express a desire to send the Delta employee a Christmas gift and call for recognition of the employee’s professionalism in the face of disrespectful behavior.

Despite the support for the Delta employee, there are opposing opinions, with some users questioning the legitimacy of the situation and suggesting that such incidents may be sought out for viral attention.

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