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Sushmita Sen Recalls Feeling Hungry at Seven-Course Dinner After Winning Miss Universe: Etiquette Teacher Advises Her to Eat Before Leaving Home

In 1994, Sushmita Sen created history by clinching the Miss Universe title, marking a significant milestone for India as the first Indian woman to achieve this feat. Reflecting on her remarkable journey, the actor-model recently shared insights into her post-victory experiences, particularly her initiation into table etiquette following her Miss Universe win. Recalling an incident during a dinner event in Mexico, where she was invited as the chief guest, Sushmita revealed feeling out of place due to her limited proficiency in English at the time.

In a candid interview with Curly Tales, Sushmita recounted her introduction to table manners after attaining the Miss Universe crown. Sent to Mexico for an official dinner, she found herself seated at the head of the table amidst twenty men, despite being just 18 years old and having minimal command over English.

Describing the situation, Sushmita expressed, “I’m at the head of the table, I’m 18 years old, I barely speak English. I’m getting it together at that point and Barbara, my travel manager sitting to my right and thereafter beyond Barbara are all men. I’m starving, I’m smiling at my travel manager saying ‘I’m very hungry’. Then I bend over like ‘I’m very hungry Barbara.’ She’s like ‘So are they and you’re the chief guest, you need to start.’”

Following the dinner event in Mexico, Sushmita Sen received invaluable guidance from the gentleman seated beside her, who happened to be the tourism minister of Mexico. This encounter prompted her to realize the importance of mastering table manners to navigate similar situations with confidence in the future. Reflecting on the experience, Sushmita expressed her determination to learn from it, stating, “This is when I went to Barbra and I came back to Miss Universe organization and I said I need to learn because I felt very out of place and I don’t want to feel like this again so they…”

Subsequently, arrangements were made for Sushmita to meet an etiquette teacher from San Francisco. Together, they delved into various aspects of etiquette, with a particular focus on dining etiquette. One lesson that resonated deeply with Sushmita was her teacher’s advice to “eat before going out and then carry oneself with grace while dining.”

She elaborated, “One of the things I learnt from her was, ‘Pet bhar kar kha kar jaao ghar se (Eat well at home and then go for an official dinner), so that you do not have the urge to eat at the dinner table and you can elegantly say, ‘No more, thank you’, and they will assume you follow a strict diet.”

Recently, Sushmita Sen reprised her role in the third season of the popular Disney Plus Hotstar series Aarya.

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