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Watch: Jaipur’s Deserted Fuel Pumps Amid Rajasthan Petrol Pump Strike

According to news agency ANI, fuel pumps across Jaipur remained deserted today as the Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association initiated a two-day strike. The strike, which began at 6 am on Sunday, March 10, is aimed at pressing for a reduction in the value-added tax (VAT) imposed on petrol and diesel. In a video shared by ANI, petrol pumps in the city can be observed without any vehicles, indicating a lack of customers being served. The strike is scheduled to last for 48 hours, concluding at 6 am on March 12.

The Rajasthan Petrol Dealers Association initiated a “No Purchase, No Sale” strike starting at 6 am on Sunday, lasting for 48 hours, with the objective of highlighting the state’s high fuel prices to the government.

Sandeep Bageria, the association’s treasurer, emphasized that petrol pump operators in Rajasthan have been enduring continuous losses due to the elevated value-added tax (VAT) on fuel prices. Despite their repeated pleas to reduce the VAT, the government has yet to address their grievances. Bageria pointed out that petrol prices in neighbouring states are notably lower compared to Rajasthan.

Bageria stated, “The Rajasthan Petrol Dealers Association has announced a “No Purchase, No Sale” strike from 6 am for the next 48 hours. The aim is to draw the attention of the government to the high fuel prices in the state,” as quoted by ANI.

He further added, “Due to increased VAT in Rajasthan, petrol pump operators are continuously facing losses. We have been demanding the government reduce VAT for a long time, but no hearing is taking place. Petrol is being sold much cheaper in neighbouring states than in Rajasthan. Another demand is that the commission of dealers has not increased for the last 7 years. Due to this, most of the petrol pumps in Rajasthan are on the verge of closure.”

Bageria also highlighted, “33 per cent of dealers in our trade association are on the verge of shutting down.”

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