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PM Modi Praises Om Birla’s Impartial Leadership on the Final Day of the 17th Lok Sabha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on the final session of the 17th Lok Sabha, commending his impartial leadership of the House.

“Speaker Om Birla, you always maintained a smile on your face regardless of the circumstances. Your impartial leadership of this House deserves commendation,” Modi remarked.

He noted Birla’s ability to handle moments of anger and accusations with patience, emphasizing his wise management of the House during challenging times.

Highlighting the productivity of the 17th Lok Sabha, Modi stated that it reached nearly 97 percent and expressed the aspiration for the 18th Lok Sabha to surpass 100 percent productivity.

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During his address, the Prime Minister underscored significant decisions taken during the term of this Lok Sabha, including the abrogation of Article 370, which he believed would receive blessings from the framers of the Constitution.

He also mentioned the resolution passed in the Lok Sabha regarding the Ayodhya Ram temple, stating that it would make future generations proud of the country’s values.

Regarding the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Modi emphasized their importance in democracy and urged acceptance of this aspect.

Additionally, Modi highlighted the initiation of the new Parliament building with the women’s reservation bill, foreseeing the next 25 years as crucial for India’s development into a ‘Vikshit Bharat’ (Developed India), fueled by political aspirations and national dreams.

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